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Summer to Fall Transition Tips for Your Dog

September 18, 2014 | Tips and Training

As summer wanes and the air gets cool and crisp your dogs energy levels often increase. Make sure they have an outlet for expending that extra energy through exercise and play. Many dogs shed more than just their winter coat. In some cases they shed their summer coat as their winter coat comes in. Make sure you are brushing your dog regularly to eliminate excess hair or for double coated or longer haired dogs you may want to have a shed relief treatment with the groomer. Highly active dogs may expend more energy in cooler weather and during winter months so speak with your vet about proper diet adjustments. If you have children and lots of school activities make sure your furry friend is not feeling left out or left home alone too much. This can often lead to boredom and destructive behavior. Plenty of exercise or a trip to Camp or Doggy Daycare can be a good solution.