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KONG Reefz – Fish, Pipsqueaks – Elephant, Hippo, Bear and Aliens

September 6, 2020 | Kong

KONG Reefz – Fish
Sporting multiple textures that reward instinctual chewing behaviors. The durable KONG Ballistic material and flat, floppy bodies spark thrashing fun. Squeakers make sure dogs take the bait and keep playing with their irresistibly shiny aquatic friends.

KONG Pipsqueaks – Elephant, Hippo, Bear
They call to a dog’s need to play—and keep playing—with 12 squeakers that deliver a symphony of sounds that spark natural chasing instincts. Delighting dogs with a variety of tones and grunts that sing out a different sound with each squeeze, it’s a squeak party in an adorable critter, double layered for durability.

KONG Woozles – Aliens
With a unique texture and shape that is ideal for natural shaking instincts. These space-age characters are sure to delight dogs and the reinforced material is ideal for long-lasting indoor play sessions. These adorable alien buddies have multiple squeakers to keep dogs engaged for long bouts of healthy exercise.

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