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Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Pets

November 17, 2022 | General

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything you cherish in your life. That includes your pets, of course! When you and your loved ones are eating turkey, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie and more at the dinner table, your fur baby is right there with you. Showing how thankful you are for your four-legged companion is something that comes naturally year-round. Pet love is a special bond and a daily reminder of how lucky you are as a pet parent.

Your Pets Are Always There for You

Rain or shine, one of the major benefits of having a furry companion is that they are always there for you! To be greeted at the door with lots of licks, hugs and the face of pure excitement is enough to brighten any day. Your pet is usually right by your side through significant milestones in your life, and spending the holidays with your pets makes for more special memories you’ll share together. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to shower your pet with just a few more goodies, like Pawtriotic Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats, than usual that they can gobble right up!

They Shower You with Cuddles

You can always count on cuddles that are filled with pet love. Laying low at home, relaxing with your four-legged friend, and snuggling the day away is always a day well spent. While this is something you may get to do quite often, during the holidays, you can reflect on how much these little moments make a huge impact on your life.

You’re Part of the Pack

When you bond with pets, you form your own close-knit team—they’re your pack. Training is a significant bonding exercise that can help build trust and mutual appreciation. are made with over 90 percent USA-grown turkey, topped off with slow-roasted cranberries.

Your Pets Are Thankful for You, Too

Pet appreciation goes both ways. Your pet feels just as lucky to have you as you feel to have them! The bond you share is irreplaceable and something that warms all the hearts in your furry family. Make sure your make your pet feels involved this holiday season.

We’re sure there are more reasons to be thankful for your pet, but these are just a few reminders of just how special your four-legged companion truly is!

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