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Pet Grooming

Pet Suites proudly offers a full service pet spa and grooming service at all of our facilities. Whether just a bath, a groom or a full on spa treatment with blueberry facial we can satisfy your grooming needs. We have highly experienced groomers in each location.

Pet Spa & Pet Grooming

Bring your pet in to one of our three locations to enjoy full service grooming. Whether staying at Pet Suites or just coming in for grooming, your pet will benefit from and enjoy the treatments that we offer. Our commitment is to help ensure your pet’s health by providing services that promote good hygiene from nails to coat.

What grooming includes — Every pet groomed, has its nails cut, pads trimmed, ears cleaned and is bathed. They are then blown dry.

Shed-RELIEF Treatments

One of the major problems with pet ownership is piles of pet hair everywhere. Pet hair is more than an annoyance. A hair filled environment presents a hygiene problem and is unhealthy for anyone with allergies. At Pet Suites, our trained Shed-RELIEF Technicians follow a six-step treatment process using specialized Shed-RELIEF products and tools. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the best brushes and combs for each pet’s particular coat type, and a pet bath with special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize the skin and coat. To complete the process, an anti-shedding solution is applied. You will really notice a difference in the reduction of pet hair on your furniture and clothing. Try it—you’ll love it. (Available for Dogs and Cats)

Medicated Shampoos

If your pet is suffering from Seborrhea or Flea Bite Dermatitis, we can recommend a special medicated shampoo for your pet’s treatment. (Always consult your veterinarian for any questions about your dog’s health).

Coat Conditioners

During your pet’s bath we can apply a conditioner to its coat which will add luster and sheen. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the coat, a conditioner will provide essential oils to the hair and skin.

Flea and Tick Treatments

Whenever treating a pet for fleas we recommend the pet owner treat the home, yard and car to ensure successful eradication. If your pet is on an oral or topical flea treatment, please inform us.

Nail Trimming

Nails are trimmed whenever pets are groomed at Pet Suites, however this service can also be performed between regular grooming appointments.

For more information regarding pet grooming, please contact your nearest Pet Suites location.

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