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July 5, 2018 | Pet Services , Tips and Training

Our Pet Trainers

Kat Ellerd
Kat has a degree in business management, but her passion has always been the Human Animal Bond, and that has guided her path as she has worked in kennel settings, certified in dog first aid and CPR, volunteered in Animal Assisted Therapy, managed and led large dog playgroups, and pursued an apprenticeship in Canine Behavior and membership in The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Now Kat brings that skill set and passion to setting dogs and their families on the path to success.

Head Trainer: Penelope Milne, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA
Penelope has been training dogs and coaching their people for more than 30 years. She is a charter member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), and has earned the CPDT-KSA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge and Skills Assessed) and CBCC-KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine) certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She is the author of: “Puppies! Why Do They Do What They Do?” and “Kittens! Why Do They Do What They Do?” from BowTie Press, and “Is your Dog Bored?” in the 2012 Dogs USA, amongst other works.

Penny was elected to the Board of Directors of the CCPDT in 2014. She is the Chair of the Exam Committee.

Penny is the Executive Trainer for the Animal Keeper /Pet Suites, responsible for coaching staff on animal behavior, body language and more, and creating and implementing training and enrichment programs to enhance the quality of life for pets and people.

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