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Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail – June 2024

June 21, 2024 | Mutt Mail

Mutt Mail - June 2024

Summer Photoshoot

For $20 your dog will participate in a summer themed photoshoot. All participants will receive a photo from the shoot to take home and proudly display! Call Pet Suites today!

Grooming Spotlight

‘Manicured Milo’ groomed by Christina

Pet Profile

Pet Suites : Tucker
Favorite Toy: Stuffed rabbit
Obsession: Playing with paper towels
Naughtiest Deed: Pulling up sod!

This One-Way Seasonal Menace Can Kill Your Pet

At this time of year, you can’t be too careful when you take your pet outside. If this widely spread menace enters your pet’s body through their eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin, feet or genitals, it can quickly become a one-way deadly battle since your pet’s body can’t degrade or remove them.

Organ Meats: The Most Nutrient-Dense Foods You Can Offer to Your Pet

Often dismissed as unconventional and unappetizing, these cuts actually offer superior nourishment, and are great for improving your pet’s nutrient intake. Here’s how you can incorporate it into their meals and treats.

Could This Berry Outsmart Aging?

Discover the simple snack that might just be the secret to enhanced longevity and vitality for your furry friends, backed by surprising research findings!

Unleash the Power of Play

Transform your dog walks into dynamic play sessions that keep both your spirits high. Discover the dual benefits of staying active and engaging your dog in playful and purposeful ways every day.

This Aggressive Cancer Is Quite Sneaky and Often Strikes Without Warning

Your pet could suddenly die when the tumor ruptures as it causes severe hemorrhaging – accompanied by these 7 signs. Average survival time is only 90 to 180 days with conventional treatments. But with this promising integrative treatment, she could live over a year.

Feed Your Pet This Rehydrating Treat on Warm Day

Commonly added to salads, this crunchy and refreshing veggie is composed of 95% water, and can rehydrate your pet during sunny days.

Mammoth - Tire Biters, Flossy Chews Extra Fresh, Flossy Chews

Tire Biter Tire w/Rope – $19.99
Tire Biter Bone w/Rope – $17.99

Flossy Chews Extra Fresh 12” – $7.99
Flossy Chews Extra Fresh 18” – 15.99

Three Knot Rope tug w/Jumbo Ball – $26.99
Three Knot Rope tug w/ball Large – $14.99
Three Knot Rope tug w/ball Medium – $9.99
Three Knot Rope tug w/Mini Ball – $4.99

Available now. Click through for full descriptions.

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