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Mutt Mail March 2019

March 11, 2019 | Mutt Mail

You're in Luck - Manners for Your Pup!

It must be the luck of the Irish!

Enroll in Puppy Day Academy for a 2 or 4 week session, and get 5 Days FREE of Doggie Day Camp!


Get $75 off a retail purchase with PAID sign-up to Day School or Board & Train.

Special Offer for Hungry Hounds!

Get 1 free day of Camp with $35 purchase of frozen dog food, frozen treats, or freeze-dried dog food!

Business of the Month in Aliso Viejo!

On February 20th, Pet Suites was given the honor of Business of the Month in Aliso Viejo! We would like to thank our customers for their love and support and our employees who work hard to provide the best care for your pets. We are proud to have served Aliso Viejo and surrounding areas for nearly 19 years! We look forward to many more!

Shamrockin' Photoshoot

Shamrockin’ Photoshoot – March 14-15

For just $8, your dog will participate in a St. Patrick’s Day themed photoshoot. All participants will receive a photo from the shoot to take home and proudly display!

Puppy Day Academy Grads!

Bear, Lab Mix

Good Socialization/Manners with other older and younger dogs
Crate Training was a success…Bear loves his crate
Mastered STAY–so important for general control
Mastered HEEL–making his walks pleasant
Bear was a pro at grooming handling techniques and getting accustom to teeth brushing and future vet visits
He was an awesome grad and now is a Pet Suites Camper and loves his camp buddies.

Bear was Most Accomplished!

Ella, Goldendoodle

Socialization was great….she loves her friends and has good manners.
Crate Training—a master.
Roll-Over command…Ella is a pro.
Mastered STAY– always important for safety and general control
Ella was exposed to grooming and over-all body handling to make her future groom and vet visits comfortable.
Mastered the Poochie Bells (hangs on door) to signal the need to potty.

Ella was a Perfect Star Student!

Pet Profiles

Bodie Leibert
Favorite Toy: Anything with a squeaker I can chew out
Obsession: Dogs. Cats. Humans. Basically everything!
Naughtiest Deed: Inability to find my chill around other dogs. I also love to rip up my toys!
Pet Peeve: Getting out of bed before 7:00am.

Fermentation: An Ingenious, All-Natural Way to Eliminate Pathogens in Raw Pet Food

Answers Pet Food makes raw organic diets for pets, and uses an innovative approach to keep their products free of foodborne pathogens. Fermentation is used to inoculate raw ingredients, enabling beneficial bacteria to protect the food against pathogens through manufacture, distribution, storage, all the way to your pet’s bowl. Fermentation as a foodborne pathogen control method preserves all the nutrients in fresh food, unlike other types of pathogen control technologies.

Answers Pet Food is available at Encinitas and Poway, and upon request at Oceanside and Pet Suites.

Grooming Spotlight

“Bella’s Best Haircut!” styled by Samantha at Pet Suites

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

VetCare’s mobile van is coming to Pet Suites. Stop on by for low cost vaccines and other services. Walk-ins are welcome.

  • Saturday March 16th 1:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Saturday April 13th 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Your Dog May Go Nuts for This, but a Little Goes a Long Way

Domesticated carnivores, like dogs and cats, need varying amounts of roughage in their diets for digestive, intestinal and bowel health. Small amounts of low-glycemic vegetables provide roughage, phytonutrients and antioxidants; fermenting vegetables is a great way to increase their health benefits for pets. Fermented vegetables are optimally digestible for dogs and cats, and they also offer powerful probiotic benefits.

Spring Has Sprung - Mighty Tough Toys, Patchwork Pet Plush Toys, Charming Pet Products

Spring has sprung at The Animal Keeper!! Check out some of our retail items, including Mighty Tough Toys, Patchwork Pet Plush Toys, Charming Pet Products.

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