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Mutt Mail July 2023

June 28, 2023 | Mutt Mail

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day from Pet Suites!

Pet Profiles

Favorite Toy: Balls
Obsession: Television + the dishwasher
Naughtiest Deed: Attacking the dishwasher and we had to replace it for all the damages
Pet Peeve: Barking at elimination on any reality tv show

Safety on 4th of July

Fireworks, picnics and other Fourth of July traditions can be great fun for people; but all of the festivities can be frightening and even dangerous for animals. Noisy fireworks and other celebrations can startle animals and cause them to run away; holiday foods can be unhealthy; summer heat and travel can be dangerous; and potentially dangerous debris can end up lying on the ground where pets can eat or play with it.

Whether or not you’re planning your own Independence Day celebration, it’s important to take precautions to keep your pets safe both during and after Fourth of July festivities.

Grooming Spotlight

“Tightened Tuco” groomed by Kema

Suzie's CBD Treats

Before the fireworks…

With the 4th of July just around the corner it’s the perfect time to try Suzie’s CBD Treats or Drops for your pets who get anxious during all the fun summer celebrations!

A true small batch USDA organic pet CBD company that is on a mission to provide products that are exceptionally pure, effective, consistent and affordable. Suzie’s supports their local organic farmers by partnering with them to ensure the products meet rigorous standards for quality. Suzie’s farmers are engaged in sustainable and regenerative farming practices that support healthy plants.

Suzie’s CBD Treats available:

Suzie’s CBD Soft Chews – $24.99
Suzie’s CBD Heart Biscuits – $18.99
Suzie’s CBD Drops 500 mg – $44.99
Suzie’s CBD UTI Drops for Cats – $29.99

The Growing Canine Epidemic – Is Your Dog Affected?

Now affecting 59% of dogs and 61% of cats, this epidemic continues to spread– and that’s reason for concern as it increases the risk for serious, chronic disease, including malignancy and premature death. The good news is, there are three actions you can take today to help turn things around.

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