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Mutt Mail January 2022

January 14, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your pets the best in 2022! Happy New Year from Pet Suites!

Pet Profile

Favorite Toy: Her “Lovey”
Obsession: Balls! And water
Naughtiest Deed: Stealing socks
Pet Peeve: Not being the center of attention

Grooming Spotlight

“Got Groomed Gus” groomed by Vickyy

Featured Employees


Holiday Photoshoot

The Scientific Benefits of Feeding Raw, All in One Place

Dr. Conor Brady is the author of a groundbreaking new book titled “Feeding Dogs: The Science Behind the Dry Versus Raw Debate.”

Dr. Brady’s passion for food-as-medicine arose from the plight of his 7-year-old dog with debilitating hip dysplasia.

Dr. Brady was improving the health of his own dog and the guide dogs he trained with raw diets, but the vets and others he worked with were uninterested — so he struck out on his own to make the case for feeding raw.

His incredibly well-researched and footnoted book is the result of a decade of work; it makes complex topics understandable and digestible for both veterinarians and pet parents.

Of particular benefit is the proof the book provides that ultra-processed pet food is tied directly to the epidemic of diseases in today’s canine companions.

Aussie Naturals

The Comfort X Step-In Harness V2
Retail for $22.99 – $24.99
Colors – Navy/Red & Turquoise/Pink

Escape Free Easy Fit Harness
$25.99 – $27.99
Colors – Hot Pink, Turquoise, Blue & Red

Sports Leash
Retail $16.99
Colors – Pink, Turquoise, Blue & Red

Mesh Leash
Retail $11.99
Colors – Red & Blue


Choy Bottle Birds (2 sizes)
Retail Large $17.99 – Small $12.99
Colors – Green & Red

Choy Buffalo Horn Ropes
Double Knot Rope 8” -10“
Retail $11.99
Triple Knot Rope 16” – 18”
Retail $17.99

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