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Mutt Mail August 2022

August 19, 2022 | Mutt Mail

Happy National Dog Month

August is National Dog Month! Make sure you get out and hit the town, or spoil your pup with some extra treats from Pet Suites!

Featured Team Members!

Daniel Palacios – Administrative Assistant
Karla Jermark – Purchasing Coordinator

Daniel and Karla started their roles in the fall of 2021, and we are lucky to have them on our team! Both work very hard to provide support to the facilities from our Corporate office.

Both Daniel and Karla attended the PFX trade show at Disneyland. PFX is a major pet product supplier, and our team attended to see what deals they could score, along with checking out some of the newest items PFX has to carry.

Pet Profile - Peanut

Favorite Toy: Balls & Teething Toys
Obsession: She loves all dogs & peoples
Naughtiest Deed: She loves to chew baseboards & walls
Pet Peeve: She does not like the trash truck

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

As part of our summertime pet tips series, check out this infographic about dangerous foods for dogs.

Grooming Spotlight

Opulent Ollie groomed by Vickyy

How Hot Is Too Hot to Safely Walk Your Dog Outdoors?

While dogs do build up some tolerance on their paws to withstand hotter and colder temperatures, along with uneven terrain, pavement temperatures that are too hot can lead to burns and other injuries.

Summertime Threats That Can Bring Pain Instead of Pleasure to your Pet

The warmer months have arrived, which means it’s time for an important reminder about some of the hazards the season can present for canine family members. As much as we love seeing our dogs playing or snoozing in the sunshine, taking a few precautions can avert disaster and keep everyone safe and healthy all summer long.

Tips on picking up your dog

No matter your dog’s size, it’s important to pick him up the right way, which is something many well-meaning dog parents get wrong.

Why All Dogs Aren't Born to Swim

It’s a myth that all dogs know how to swim adequately enough to stay afloat, and some breeds are at a disadvantage in the water due to their physique, making it difficult for them to stay afloat.

Pet Suites for your Sweet Pets

Pet Suites not only provides fun outside yards for your dogs to run free and play with friends, we also provide a number of pet boarding options to choose from, including dog boarding, cat boarding, bird boarding, and pocket pets boarding.

We take pride in our clean, climate-controlled and stress-free pet boarding facilities where your pet can safely and comfortably reside while you’re away.

We provide the best possible pet accommodations for all guests, even if your pet would feel more comfortable in their own kennel or even luxury suite for those who enjoy a little extra pizazz! Whether your pet is outgoing or a little on the shy side, your best friend will feel right at home.

The Pet Suites staff is professional, well-trained, and truly care for the safety of your pets. We emphasize staff training and education to ensure that advanced safety protocols are followed and that prevention (as opposed to intervention) is practiced.

Our team consists of certified pet care technicians, and all new employees are required to attend a pet care certification training program.

During your pet’s stay, we make frequent kennel rounds and are constantly monitoring the behavior, health, and well-being of your pet. Pet Suites knows your pets are considered family and have special needs.

We truly love your pets and care for them as if they were our own. When your “best friend” is a guest at Pet Suites, rest assured they will love their “home away from home”.

It’s our pleasure to go the extra mile to make sure your canine friend’s stay is comfortable. Each dog kennel is provided with comfy bed and blankets. If your dog has a few favorite toys, they’re more than welcome to bring them along to make their dog boarding experience more enjoyable.

Lord & Jameson - Outrageously Delicious Organic Dog Treats

We are beyond proud to offer these amazing treats that are USDA Organic Certified; the flavor Celebration Bash even won an award for being the Best Dog Treat!

These are the perfect no-bake soft vegan bites. They have tons of different flavors made with delicious ingredients in a custom blend of hand-selected superfoods such as coconuts, beets, strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and so many more all-natural foods!

Come in today, and see our great selection of the new Lord Jameson organic non-bake dog treats.

Bocce’s Supplements

We are keeping busy, and bringing you great products that benefit your precious pup’s mental and physical health!

Here are more new products with amazing benefits for your dog – Introducing Bocce’s Supplements!

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