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Dog Training

Why Choose Training

Need help with your pet’s bad habits? Look no further! Our training programs are designed to be both fun and effective, providing gentle yet visible results. Our trainers are seasoned professionals and have gotten their certificates of Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Let us help unleash your pet’s full potential!

Build a Stronger Bond: Training strengthens the bond between you and your pet, fostering mutual understanding and trust.

Enhance Communication: Learn to communicate effectively with your pet, making interactions smoother and more enjoyable.

Improve Behavior: Address and correct unwanted behaviors, creating a harmonious environment at home.

Promote Mental Stimulation: Engage your pet’s mind with stimulating activities and challenges, preventing boredom and promoting overall well-being.

Ensure Safety: Teach essential commands to keep your pet safe in various situations, both indoors and outdoors.

Unlock Potential: Unleash your pet’s full potential by unlocking hidden talents and abilities through structured training.

Have Fun: Training sessions provide an opportunity for quality bonding time with your pet, filled with fun and rewarding experiences.

Explore our different training options to see what might fit best for you and your pet’s training needs.

Puppy Kindergarten

Is your day a whirlwind of teething, jumping, and cleaning up accidents? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Let us lend a paw in navigating this journey and transforming your furry friend into the well-behaved dog we know they can be. Together, we’ll not only survive puppyhood but also savor every moment of it!

Below are a few examples of how we can help you and your puppy bond over training and building a trusting relationship.

Basic Skills: Get your pup focused and following your direction.

Problem Solving: Make short work of house training or stop puppy from using you – and your furniture – as chew toys. We focus on what you and your puppy need help with!

Problem Prevention: Ensure your pup grows into a dog you can truly enjoy – friendly, relaxed, and well-behaved.

The first meeting is an orientation without puppies. We’ll discuss puppy problems and solutions (play biting, house training, etc.), class goals, what to bring, and more. We hope to see you there!

Good Dog 101

Is your dog going through its terrible twos or just needs a refresher? Have you adopted an older pup and need some help training it? Let us help you kick bad habits to the curb.

Basic Skills: Loose leash walking, focus, stay, come, and more!

Problem Solving: Barking, pulling, jumping up? We can help!

Problem Prevention: Learn how dogs learn and prevent problems BEFORE they occur.

First meeting is an orientation, without dogs. We’ll discuss problems and solutions, goals for class, what to bring, and more.

Day School

Embark on a journey of canine wisdom with our Day School program! Drop off your dog in the morning and pick up a pup who’s a little bit wiser than before. Perfect for those whose furry companions already enjoy our Camp, Tinytots, or Private Daycare services.

Our Day School program offers packages of 10, 15, or 20 lessons tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs. Simply fill out our training intake form, and we’ll schedule a personalized meeting with you and our expert training staff. Together, we’ll craft a customized program to unleash your dog’s full potential.

You’ll receive periodic report cards throughout the program detailing your dog’s progress. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your trainer weekly (or as scheduled) for a transfer of skills session.

And the best part? Daycare, whether group or private, is included in the price! Join us at Day School and watch your pup thrive in a fun and professional learning environment.

Board and Train

Learn more about our Comfy Boarding and Training program! Treat your pup to a 20-day stay with us, where they’ll receive our renowned top-notch care while simultaneously undergoing personalized training by one of our expert trainers, who is a professional-level member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

During their stay, your furry friend will be immersed in modern, gentle, and effective training methods designed to teach essential skills such as loose leash walking, sit and down on word and signal, sit-stay, down stay, come when called, and leave it. Our trainers utilize a variety of environments to proof these behaviors against distractions, ensuring your dog’s success in real-world scenarios.

When your dog’s stay comes to an end, you’ll have the opportunity upon pickup to meet with your trainer for a comprehensive demonstration of the skills learned. They’ll provide you with personalized coaching to seamlessly transition into the role of handler.

With our Comfy Boarding and Training program, your dog will enjoy a luxurious stay while acquiring valuable skills for a lifetime of obedience and companionship.

5-Day Pup Brush-Up

This option is offered only after the completion of a 10, 15, or 20-Day School package or with the full purchase of classroom training.


Puppy Kindergarten

  • 6 weeks: $195
    6-week Group Classes, Includes Pet Parent

Good Dog 101

  • 6 Weeks: $195
    6-week Group Classes, Includes Pet Parent

Day School

  • 10 Day: $433
  • 15 Day: $627
  • 20 Day: $814

Board & Train

  • 20 Days: $2010

5 Day Pup Brush-Up

  • 5 Days: $240
    Offered only after the completion of a 10, 15, or 20 Day School package or with the full purchase of classroom training.