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Dog Daycare

Why should you consider Daycare for your dog?

Is your furry friend causing chaos at home, rummaging through the trash, or howling incessantly while you’re away? Do you worry about the uncertainties of dog parks for socializing your pup? Are you struggling to keep up with your dog’s energy levels through routine walks?

It might be time to explore the benefits of Group or Private Daycare at Pet Suites!


Exercise: Dogs thrive with exercise and usually need more than we realize! Our daycare provides a structured environment where your pet can expend energy under the careful supervision of our trained camp counselors, whether in Camp or Tiny Tots or by our trained staff members during private play.

Behavioral Benefits: Regular exercise and/or socialization can alleviate many destructive or anxious behaviors. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog!

Safe Socialization: Our daycare offers a secure space for your dog to mingle with furry or human friends, ensuring a positive and controlled socialization experience.

Flexible Scheduling and Daycare Options: Whether you need daily care, a few times a month, or simply a few hours of engagement, our Full Day and Half Day options provide the flexibility to cater to your pet’s exercise needs.

Choose Pet Suites for Group or Private Daycare, where every day is an opportunity for your furry friend to have a blast and make new friends!

Group Daycare

For dogs that enjoy canine companionship and pass our temperament test, Pet Suites proudly offers Camp or Tiny Tots! We do not breed discriminate, but all dogs in Camp or Tiny Tots must pass our temperament test to prove they are capable of good manners and safe play. Dogs must be neutered or spayed after 7 months of age to participate!

Your dog will love the fresh air and soak up the California sunshine in our outdoor yards. Our Group Daycare activities are designed to entertain your pooch, from playful interactions with friends to climbing on specialized playground equipment.

Our Camp Counselors are more than just supervisors – they’re trained to oversee and facilitate secure and enjoyable play between dogs. Equipped with the philosophy of Prevention vs Intervention and the teachings of reading dog body language, our staff works to provide a safe and harmonious environment for dogs to connect, socialize, and form new friendships.

Our Behavior & Safety Specialist, who is also CBCC-KA certified, travels to all locations and collaborates closely with Camp Counselors, Kennel Technicians, and staff. Drawing on experience, knowledge, and his many certifications, our specialist provides one-on-one training, empowering our team to maintain the utmost safety in our Group Daycare yards.

Why Choose Camp or Tiny Tots?

Engaging Activities: A variety of activities keeps your dog entertained, stimulated, and physically active.

Expert Oversight: Our trained Camp Counselors prioritize safe play, practicing Prevention vs Intervention, and reading body language to ensure a secure environment.

Behavior & Safety Specialist: Our specialist works closely with our teams, sharing expertise to enhance safety measures and promote positive interactions.

Give your dog the gift of outdoor play, enriching exercise, and new friendships with Camp or Tiny Tots at Pet Suites.

Private Daycare

Does your dog prefer quiet cuddles with humans over rowdy playdates with other pups? Whether they’re a bit shy, unaltered, or just need some extra TLC, Pet Suites has the paw-fect solution – Private Daycare!

In Private Daycare, your dog enjoys a private room in our climate-controlled facility. Equipped with comfortable bedding and fresh water, this space provides a serene retreat for your furry companion.

Solo Attention and Playtime: Throughout the day, your pup receives solo potty breaks. Additionally, they enjoy private playtimes with a dedicated staff member devoted to their well-being and entertainment.

Your Dog, Their Rules: At Pet Suites, we believe in letting your furry friend set the agenda. Whether they’re itching for a game of fetch, craving belly rubs, or want a leisurely stroll, we’re here to make their dreams come true. It’s their world, we’re just living in it!

Why Choose Private Daycare:

Tailored for Introverted Dogs: Ideal for dogs who prefer human company or have social anxiety.

Comfort and Privacy: Private room, climate-controlled setting, and dedicated staff attention ensure a stress-free experience.

Customized Activities: Your dog’s preferences guide their day, guaranteeing a personalized experience.


At Pet Suites, we understand that pet parents with busy schedules need an affordable solution for daytime pet care. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer Punch Cards – a pre-paid option designed to fit your pet care needs while providing valuable discounts.

How it Works

Purchase: Ask the front desk about Punch Cards and how to purchase them for your pet. Check the Locations & Rates page for detailed information on Punch Card costs at your chosen location.

Redeem: Once you have purchased a Punch Card, it will be on your pet’s file, and each day, it is automatically deducted upon checkout when your pet visits us.

Why Choose Punch Cards?

Cost-Effective: Enjoy discounts on the days your pet visits, making Punch Cards a more budget-friendly choice for regular pet care.

No Expiration Date: Your Punch Card never expires, giving you the freedom to use it whenever you need.

For specific details on Punch Card costs at your preferred facility, please visit our Locations & Rates page.



Doggie Day Camp

  • Day Camp: $43
  • Half Day Camp: $29
  • Private Daycare: $43
  • Half Day Daycare: $29

Five Star Treats

  • Frozen Bone Broth: $10
  • PB Paw: $10
  • Doggie Fro-Yo: $10


  • 10-DAY: $396.00
  • 20-DAY: $731.00