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Dog Boarding

Why choose Pet Suites for your dog’s stay?

At Pet Suites, we aim to provide your dog a home away from home, where their comfort and well-being are our top priority. We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes and do not require that they be friendly with other dogs. We do require, however, for the safety of our dedicated staff, that your dog be human-friendly.


Private Room: Each dog has its own room, which gives it space to decompress, settle in, and feel comfortable throughout its stay.

Climate-Controlled Comfort: Our facilities are climate-controlled, maintaining comfortable temperatures year-round.

Elevated Cot with Plush Blankets: Your furry friend deserves the best rest possible, so we provide each dog with an elevated cot and plush blankets that are replaced and washed as frequently as needed.

Hydration and Nutrition: Water bowls are filled and refreshed daily to keep your pet hydrated. We provide NutriSource kibble and wet food, or feel free to bring your pet’s favorite meals from home—just make sure they’re pre-packaged to avoid a small daily fee!

Regular Potty Breaks: Routine is key, so your dog will enjoy 5-7 potty breaks a day. It’s all about keeping them active, comfortable, and on schedule.

Calming Soundtrack: Let the soothing sounds of a calming soundtrack serenade your furry friend throughout their stay. This soothing music helps to keep your pets calm during their stay.


These activities are available for purchase to add to your dog’s boarding stay!

Camp or Tiny Tots: Group play balances exercise, socialization, and fun in your pup’s day. Fresh air, sunshine, and time with friends lead to a smoother boarding experience and help ease separation anxiety when away from Moms and Dads.

1-Hour Group Play: This boarding activity allows your dog to socialize and get their zoomies out for an hour and then relax and recharge in their room afterward. Add the perfect amount of play to your pup’s stay.

Private Play: Not every dog is a social butterfly, and at Pet Suites, we understand that some prefer the company of humans. If your furry friend craves a solo game of fetch, a belly rub, or just some extra attention from our staff, this is the perfect activity for your dog.

Tuck-In Service: Are you worried that during boarding, your pet will miss their nightly cuddle and evening snack? Fear not; we offer a Tuck-in Service that includes giving your pet a treat and extra attention at bedtime.

Yappy Hour: Sometimes, an afternoon snack just hits the spot, and your dog agrees. Add a Peanut Paw or frozen treat to your pet’s stay to make them feel like a pampered prince or princess.

Board & Train: Does your dog need to learn to sit, stay, come, walk calmly on a leash, or curb the jumping and pulling? Get two things done at once and sign them up for our Board & Train program while boarding at Pet Suites. Come back to a dog with a few new tricks up their sleeve!

Spa Treatments: While you’ve been away on your trip, your pup has been hard at work at Pet Suites, playing with friends, getting scritches and scratches from staff, and eating ALL the treats. End their stay with us at the spa, where we offer grooming services to send your pup home smelling squeaky clean and ready for all the welcome home cuddles.


We offer both social and solo packages for a daily fee in addition to the nightly boarding rate.

The Works Package: This includes a full day of Camp or Tiny Tots, 1 playtime with staff, an afternoon treat of their choice, and nightly Tuck-in Service.

Sports Package: This includes a full day of Camp or Tiny Tots, an afternoon treat of their choice, and nightly Tuck-In Service.

Play Package: This includes 1 Hour of Group Play, an afternoon treat of their choice, and nightly Tuck-in Service.

Lone Ranger Package: This includes 2 Playtimes, an afternoon treat of their choice, and nightly Tuck-in Service.

Senior Package: This includes 2 Playtimes, an afternoon treat of their choice, nightly Tuck-In Service, extra bedding for sore joints, and an extra potty rotation.


Dog Boarding

  • Comfy Boarding: $61
  • Suite: $76

Dog Boarding Activities

  • Boarding Camp: $20
  • 1 Hour Group Play: $16
  • Private Playtime: $15
  • Tuck-in Service: $10

Dog Boarding Packages

Package pricing does NOT include the boarding rate.

  • Sports Package: $39/day, 22% savings
    Includes: Camp, premium treat, and tuck-in.
  • Play Package: $28/day, 22% savings
    Includes: 1 hour group play, premium treat, and a tuck-in.
  • The Works Package: $43/day, Up to 22% savings
    Includes: Camp, premium treat, tuck-in, 1 playtime
  • Lone Ranger: $39/day, 22% savings
    Includes: 2 private playtimes, tuck-in, and premium treat
  • Senior Package: $39/day, 22% savings
    Includes: 2 private playtimes, tuck-in, premium treat, extra potty breaks, & extra bedding

Five Star Treats

  • Frozen Bone Broth: $10
  • PB Paw: $10
  • Doggie Fro-Yo: $10

Healthy Pet Protection Program

  • $25 for $500 coverage