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New Season Brings Unique Hazards for Dogs

September 15, 2021 | General

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Do You Make This Mistake When You Walk Your Dog?

August 3, 2021 | General

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A 6-Point Checklist for Socializing Your Puppy

June 17, 2021 | General

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Is your dog leading his best life?

May 14, 2021 | General

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6 Natural Ways to Repel Fleas and Ticks

May 1, 2021 | General

Repelling fleas and ticks is important to prevent short- and long-term health problems, from uncomfortable itching to life-threatening chronic disease. Natural flea and tick repellents include citrus juice and geranium oil. Adding natural pest predators, like nematode worms, to your backyard will reduce pest populations. Bathing your pet, using a flea comb and inspecting your pet for ticks are also important.

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