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Continued Adjustments to Safety

May 15, 2020 | General

We have been keeping our eyes on the news as information continues to emerge regarding the ongoing pandemic. With this, we continue to make changes to our protocols to help protect everyone who comes through our doors, human and animal. We know we’ve been on this topic before. However, we do feel it is necessary in this time to keep our customers informed of what we have been doing in hopes of bringing you a sense of comfort when it comes to using our services.

Here are the current protocols for our staff to keep people and pets safe:

  • Assume that you are positive for Covid-19 as a symptom-free carrier.
  • Assume that the pets you are working come from households with covid-positive symptom-free carriers, so assume the pet is carrying virus on its fur, leash, etc, and maybe in its nose and mouth.
  • Wear gloves and a well-fitting mask; if your mask is loose, consider adding a nylon stocking over it, to keep it snug and add more filtering
  • Viral particles on gloves will be distributed to the next pet, just as they would be from your hands, so change gloves and wash hands between pets.
  • Trainers: Do not reach into the same bait bag to feed dogs from more than one family. Instead make up individual snack bags for each dog, and throw out any unused portion.
  • Disinfect the leash or use a new leash if working a 2nd dog. (Be careful not to get disinfectant on the dog’s skin.)
  • Before giving dog back to owner, disinfect their leash if you have touched it. Use our own leashes when working with the pet on site.
  • Disinfect any surfaces such as run gates, latches, etc. you have touched, after touching the pet.
  • Meet with clients outside. Maintain 6 feet or more distance from them. Use curbside service whenever possible.
  • Don’t use hard copy handouts – send an email, instead.