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Charming Pet, Zippy Paws, and Barkworthies

March 23, 2019 | Products


Pulleez Bunny
These plush pals are action packed with arms that pull through the body and six exciting squeakers! The interactive nature of the loveable Pulleez Collection will thrill your canine!

Zig Zaggers Duck
With their stretchy bodies that crinkle when pulled, these Zip Zagging friends are ripe for good old fashioned shaking and wiggling fun! Featuring three squeakers, they’re super cute and super durable!

Thunda Tugga Bunny
Ready, set, tug! Our plush & corduroy Thunda Tuggas appear soft & sweet, but these feisty fellas let out a series of action packed, rapid squeaks when their arms are pulled! Your pooch can munch, bite, chew, and squeak its way to canine bliss. Durable K9 Tuff Guard makes this toy the perfect companion for your best friend.

Scrunch Bunch Bunny
The perfect combination of tugging, scrunching and squeaking, your dog is guaranteed to be satisfied. Give ’em a tug and they let out that mighty squeak that all dogs crave.

Lil’ Dudes Chick & Lamb
Small but mighty, these soft and crinkly little guys deliver an impressive squeak that’s sure to please your lil’ dude or dudette!

Cuddle Tugs Bunny
A dual interactive Tug-O-War toy combined with a cuddly snuggle pal for your pet. Let your dog romp and tug, squeak and flop, or simply cuddle up and snooze. These fun plush pals feature crinkle paper, a squeaker pad, and K9 TUFFTM Guard for more durability.

Puzzlers Bunny
For all the dogs who love to pull their toys apart – this one’s for you! Sealed with Velcro so once your pooch pulls the two halves apart, it can easily be put back together for a whole new round of fun.

Ani-Mates Bunny
Fido will roll over, sit, and beg to play with our little Ani-Mates! These plush K9 TUFFTM toys are stuffing-free and when your dog chomps down, the full body squeak is certain to be a special treat for your furry pal! The durability of this K9 Tuff toy makes his a win-win for both owners and pets.

Zippy Paws - Easter Burrow Toys

Dogs will love burrowing into our new Hide-An-Egg toys to retrieve colorful little eggs! Perfect for Easter but great for all occasions. Each toy comes with 3 squeaky eggs.

Carrot and Bunnies
Dogs love to bury their noses in the Zippy Burrow to dig out the bunnies. They’ll be begging you to put them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun! Interactive toy keeps dogs busy and engaged.

Barkworthies - Variety Packs by Dog Size & Superfood Rabbit Jerky

We have taken a variety of our best products and put them together in a package designed to fully benefit your dog. Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, these chews and treats are packed with essential nutrients.

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