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An Endearing Gesture

November 19, 2018 | General

Birthdays. They come once a year and get much less exciting for many of us as the years go by. For kids, it’s one of the best days of the year. We all know that for most kids, their birthday wishes are comprised of fun toys and gadgets. BUT The Whipple family HAD A DIFFERENT IDEA. THEY recently celebrated two birthdays for their daughters now 13 and 11, and the girls’ birthday wish was to donate DOG FOOD to dogs in need.

At our Pet Suites location in Aliso Viejo, we’ve been aiding a local dog rescue, Doggie Bones, by providing boarding for some of their dogs. All of these wonderful pets are looking for their forever homes. It warmed our hearts when we received this DOG FOOD donation and was told it was because of these endearing kids. Truly we were all moved by this wonderful gesture from this kind family. Thank you Whipple family for your generous donation for the dogs in need from the Doggie Bones Rescue.

Note for Pet Suites customers: This donated food is only for the rescue dogs from Doggie Bones rescue. This food will not be distributed to any boarding dogs that are patrons of Pet Suites. Thank you.

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