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Tips for Managing the Active Dog

August 1, 2018 | Tips and Training


  • Exercise is critical.
  • Your dog’s activity peaks will be early morning and late afternoon. Plan for these.
  • Walk, throw a ball, take him to Camp, hire a dogwalker, etc.


  • Exercise his problem solving skills, too!
  • Use “enrichment activities” such as a stuffed Kong, stuffed Buster Cube, licky mat, and so on.
  • Keep him occupied and satisfied!


  • Exercise his brain, and build your relationship
  • Conduct brief (can be as short as a minute or two…) training sessions every morning and every afternoon.
  • Remember that every interaction is training. Respond to quiet behaviors with praise. Respond to attention-seeking, rowdy behavior with withdrawal of attention or a time-out.
  • Timeouts are short—2 – 3 minutes, maximum.
  • Do not use owner involved physical punishment (swatting, etc.)
  • It may serve as a reward, since it is attention, or it may frighten or frustrate the dog. None of those work to your advantage!!


  • Your dog needs inside time! The more he is an outside dog the harder he tries to get your attention when he is with you, and the worse he behaves.

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