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Pet Boarding

Pet Suites takes pride in our clean, modern boarding facility where your pet can safely and comfortably reside while you’re away. Each location has Certified Pet Care Technicians on staff for your pet’s finest care.

Dog Boarding

All dogs are taken out 5 to 7 times daily for potty breaks in large enclosed courtyards. A well-trained staff of caring people are waiting to meet you.  The suites have TVs and cozy cots. We play matinees all day and classical music in the evening. We invite you to come take a personal tour or view our virtual tour here.

Cat Boarding

Our Cattery is a wonderful, subdued and quiet environment that your kitty will love. We have Certified Pet Care Technicians on staff for your cat’s finest care. We know that cats have special needs and Pet Suites has been providing for your feline needs for almost 30 years. Pet Suites is the choice for Southern California.

Birds and Pocket Pets

Pet Suites can board your pocket pet while you’re away. Each location has Certified Pet Care Technicians on staff for your exotic pet’s finest care. Be it a bunny, bird or most everything in between—we’re here to provide your companion pet the best care in a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Pet Activities

At Pet Suites, we like to keep your pets entertained and busy. Your pet can choose from the following, additional pet activities when they stay with us.

  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Dog Daycare
  • One-On-One Play
  • 1-Hour Group Play with Friends
  • Good Manners
  • Story Time, Tuck-In Service
  • Yappy Hour
  • Movie Muttinee
  • Spa Treatments

Learn more about all pet activities to find the right one for your pet.


Important Information



Rabies (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, 12 month or 36 month) 
DHPP (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, renewed annually) Bordetella (given at least 72 hours before check-in, or within 6 months of current visit)


Rabies (given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in, 12 month or 36 month) Feline Distemper – FVRCP (given 2 weeks prior to check-in; renewed annually)


Your pet must be free of fleas and ticks when entering. We will be happy to bathe your pet for you if external parasites are present.



We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that need medications. The fee varies with the type of medications needed—please inquire.


Pets own food—We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that have special feeding needs. Pre-package daily portions—please inquire.


We also offer a Camp and Day Care Punchcard, ask for details. Inoculation requirements are the same as for boarding dogs. All pets over six months of age must be spayed or neutered. Dogs cannot participate in Play Groups if they are aggressive to people or other dogs. Ask about our Day Care program if your pet is aggressive.

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Dog Boarding

  • Comfy Boarding: $37
  • Suite: $48

Dog Boarding Activities

  • Boarding Camp: $20
  • 1 Hour Group Play: $12
  • Private Playtime: $12
  • Massage: $5
  • Tuck-in Service: $5

Dog Boarding Packages

  • Sports Package
    $25/day, 31% savings
    Includes: Camp, premium treat, massage, and sports toy to take home.
  • Play Package
    $17/day, 23% savings
    Includes: 1 hour group play, premium treat, and a tuck-in.
  • Prince/Princess
    $43/day, Up to 33% savings
    Includes: Camp, premium treat, tuck-in, deluxe bedding, and disc. Bath
  • Lone Ranger
    $26/day, 24% savings
    Includes: 2 playtimes, tuck-in, and premium treat
  • Senior Packge
    $29/day, 26% savings
    Includes: 2 playtimes, massage, treat, extra business breaks, & premium bedding

Cat Boarding

  • Single Condo: $22
  • Double Condo: $27

Cat Boarding Package

  • Fabulous Feline
    $15/day, 35% savings
    Includes: Private playtime, choice of brushing or nail trim, and cat toy to take home

Cat Boarding Services

  • Private Playtime: $12
  • Tuck-in Service: $5

Cat Daycare

  • Kitty Daycare: $18

Critters Boarding

  • Birds: $18
  • Rodents: $16
  • Reptile: $16
  • Fish: $5
  • Special Handling: $5 per day

Five Star Treats

  • Frozen PB Stuffed Whimzee: $5
  • Peanut Butter Kong: $5
    (Buy 5 and the 6th is FREE)
  • Doggie Fro-Yo: $5

Holiday Rates

  • Please call to inquire holiday rate dates & prices.

Healthy Pet Protection Program

  • $15/for $500 or $25/for $1000
  • Healthy Pet Camp: $2.50/ for $500


  • We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Debit and Cash.

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