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Mutt Mail January 2018

January 18, 2018 | Mutt Mail

Thank You!

As we begin a new year, we wanted to take a moment to say
thank you.

Thank you to all of our dear customers and their furry friends. It is always
a joy to care for your beloved pets and we are honored you have chosen us to
be your pets “Home Away From Home”. Seeing your smiling faces and knowing
how many pets are thrilled to come see us truly warms our hearts. It lets us
know we are doing right by them and by you. We know pets are family members
to most and choosing a place to entrust with your furry family members can
be hard.

We also want to thank our employees. We could not function without them.
Their tireless efforts, compassion for animals, and drive to keep them safe
and happy is a large part of what keeps your pets wanting to come back. Even
on holidays they work hard for the pets. Truly we are blessed to have such
wonderful staff members.

Thank you for a wonderful year. We can’t wait to see what new memories we
will experience with your pets in the coming year 2018!

Puppy Day Academy

Are you a hard working pet parent? You’re back to work after the Holidays and you have a rambunctious new puppy at home? No time to potty train her or teach her manners? We can help!

Our Puppy Day Academy is a combination of training with supervised play, perfect for puppies from 9 weeks to 5 months. Curriculum includes: Good manners and problem solving (play-biting, house training, crate training, impulse control, etc); basic behaviors (leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and more) and real-life skills (socialization with dogs and people, body handling and grooming, food bowl exercises). Coaching for the pet parent is included so you can keep up with your talented pup!

Puppy Day Academy is 4 weeks, 5 days a week Monday – Friday, from 8am-5pm. Drop offs from 8-8:30am and pickups between 4-5 pm.

Skills are taught using gentle, effective positive reinforcement.

Designing and supervising the Academy is our head trainer, Penelope Milne.

Call Pet Suites for upcoming sessions in February and March 2018

Call Pet Suites for more details:
(949) 425-0700.

Train Your Dog Month

APDT deems January as “Train Your Dog Month”.

Check out some of the pet training packages we offer!

Updated Contact Information

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of experience and safety for all of our furry guests. In the upcoming months, we’ll be making sure we have the most current information on file for all of our pet parents, so don’t be surprised if one of our team members asks for your most updated contact information.

It's All the Rage in the Pet World - And a Boon for Our Favorite Animals

By Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.
More: Healthypets.mercola.com

The pet food industry has at long last accepted that raw pet food is here to stay.

Raw pet food sales are the proof, more than tripling from 2012 to 2016.

Pet food industry experts also agree that raw diets “may meet demands for pet foods with no preservatives, processing or extraneous ingredients.”

My first choice for optimal nutrition for dogs and cats is actually a homemade, nutritionally balanced raw diet; alternatively, you can purchase prepared frozen, freeze-dried or dehydrated raw diets.

The Animal Keeper Poway is currently offering a variety of healthy raw food selections.
Our Encinitas and Oceanside locations will be featuring raw food soon. Ask your location for details.

Featured Grooming

“Fancy lookin’ Fanciful” styled by Vickyy at Pet Suites

Featured Pets and Team Members

Check out our featured pets and team members!

Humunga Fetch Toys, Mighty Toys, Zippy Paws Burrows

Check out some of our retail items, including Humunga Fetch Toys, Mighty Toys, Zippy Paws Burrows.

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