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Happy Halloween?

October 1, 2017 | General

Happy Halloween?

Do you like to include your dog in everything you do? Us, too! But Halloween may need to be an exception.

Dogs don’t get the charm and humor in having an endless string of ghouls, ax murderers and politicians show up at their door, shouting, shoving and extending their hands! …. Even a friendly dog may get more and more stressed.

Having the door open for a minute or more each time, many times an evening really increases the risk of your dog shooting out the door, potentially getting lost or injured. And if he shoots out in angry pursuit of a little ghoul…really, really not good!

Of course you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but did you know that sugar free candy and gum may contain xylitol, which may be even more deadly? Be very, very careful that your dog cannot get to the candy! Do not leave the bowl of goodies for the trick-or-treaters casually sitting by the front door! Watch carefully as your kids go through their bags of loot. Don’t leave those bags on the kids’ beds, or anywhere else accessible to the pooch!

If you are thinking of dressing your dog up, or taking him trick-or-treating with you and the kids, consider his personality, his likes and dislikes, very carefully! If he is not a rock-solid, happy-go-lucky guy, he might prefer (and be safer) staying home! Give him a good long walk earlier in the day, then settle him down in a safe, quiet spot, with no access or sight line to the front door – perhaps in his crate if he has happy associations with that. Give him a devastatingly-fabulous-but-safe chew toy — maybe a Kong stuffed with some chicken baby food and his dinner kibbles, or maybe a brand new antler, or send him off on a fun, fabulous howl-o-ween celebration of his own at Pet Suites.

Have Fun!

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