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From Best to Worst – My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods

October 31, 2017 | Pet Food , Tips and Training

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  • The pet food industry has changed and evolved since I published my first list of best-to-worst types of pet food 5 years ago
  • My updated list includes a whole new category of pet food not included on my previous list
  • Two important things to remember when selecting a pet food: your dog or cat is a carnivore, and the food you choose should mimic his ancestral diet as closely as possible

By Dr. Becker

Five years ago, I published a list of 13 types of pet foods ranked from best to worst. That video remains one of the most popular here at Mercola Healthy Pets as well as on YouTube. There have been a few updates since I made that video, so I thought it was time to publish a new revised list.

When Deciding What to Feed Your Pet, Remember: Your Dog or Cat Is a Carnivore

First and foremost, when you’re deciding what to feed your dog or cat, it’s important to remember that your pet is a carnivore. His genetic makeup and internal workings remain essentially the same as his wild carnivorous ancestors.

Your dog or cat can’t move his jaws from side-to-side, only up and down. That’s because carnivores grab their prey, tear it into chunks with their sharp, interlocking teeth, and gulp it down without chewing.

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