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Flea Treats, Flea Combs, Crocodile Plush, Alien Flex Plush, Animal Sticks, Pawsitively Gourmet and Ento Bento

April 1, 2017 | Products

Flea Treats

Flea Combs

Pet flea combs help to quickly and effectively remove fleas, flea eggs and debris, just 99 cents!

Crocodile Plush

Comes in 2 sizes – The large sized croc toy growls when shaken to delight bigger breeds; the small croc toy has a squeaker inside for added fun.

Alien Flex Plush

Squeaking plush from outer space!

Comes in 5 characters – Ghim, Bubu, Stixx, Gro, and Harry

Animal Sticks

This toy has exclusive strong-woven, embossed pillow-textured fabric which is tear resistant, tug tough, yet soft to the touch.

Comes with three squeakers and rope for tugging!

Pawsitively Gourmet

5 new styles of cookies are now available; they are all made with real sweet potato and hand decorated with yogurt and carob.

Ento Bento

New flavor now available! Pumpkin Blueberry is the new tasty flavor and the original flavor Sweet Potato Cinnamon now comes in a new Trainer shape!

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