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Are Your Pets Prepared for Flea Season?

May 4, 2017 | Products

This May begins Flea season. While your pets can catch fleas at any time of the year, Fleas are at their worst from May until Winter. Even if your pet only lives indoors, they are still at risk of catching those pesky fleas! Fleas can jump as far as 13 inches and as high as 7 inches. They can thrive in your grassy backyard and in your carpets. Fleas prefer shady & cool places so to the fleas, inside of your home in the summer time sounds like an excellent place to be.

At The Animal Keeper & Pet Suites, we carry a variety of flea products for your pet and your home. Here are some of the items we carry (products may vary by location):


Flea Treats

A daily vitamin B complex supplement that contains no hormones or pesticides. In a few weeks your pet develops a natural repellent that keeps fleas away. This treat works on dogs & cats.

Vet's Best Products

The Vet’s Best Line of products uses a unique blend of natural ingredients and essential oils that smell great, and keeps fleas away. They have a pet shampoo, pet spray, home spray, & yard spray. The pet shampoo & pet spray is safe for dogs & cats!

Diatomaceous Earth

A naturally occurring substance that has multiple uses and is a bug killer. Diatomaceous Earth comes in many varieties. The best kind to use for Fleas is Diatomeaceous Earth that is “food grade”. This kind is safe to use in your home. “Food-grade” also means that you can eat it!

Advantage II & K9 Advantix II

A topical treatment for your pets. We carry all pet sizes.

Flea Combs

Did you possibly see a flea on Fido after your walk? Use a flea comb to comb through your pets fur to help find any fleas or flea dirt.

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